157 days until summer

It is imperative that this post gets out into the blogosphere ASAP.

I’ve spent the last three months listing over the joys of newly found motherhood and not once in that time did I stop to think about getting back into shape. Now there’s less than 5 months before summer 2014 is here and I look like a train wreck.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find some healthy recipes. I must cut my extra pounds into ounces. I’ll be truly grateful for each idea. My fitness and eating habits are now my priority this month.

P.S: Remember I’m a mother so unfortunately for me everything had to be done speedy Gonzalez style. Gone are the days of hours in the kitchen 😦


No customer service for you dear

20140114-115710 pm.jpg

In bed reflecting on my day and it’s headline act was an americano featuring a slice of carrot cake. This all started whilst I was sitting at home with my daughter drinking a cup of instant coffee. I thought “hold on a minute this is far from middle class sweet pea”. So got dressed and left out for my neighbouring cafe loafing.

Now I must say that general customer service skills are the norm in my books especially when a coffee lover is spending £10 in a single transaction on coffee and cake for two. Well, shocked to say the least sums it up. Perhaps it was both my cousin and I’s hipster appearance that repelled a welcoming hello from the barista or maybe it was the weather (either way one of the two left a glum look on her face). Maybe it was our general topic of conversation that had unwanted eyes staring for more than a moment or two?

At least the shop itself gave off a warm rustic welcome. Filled with cute china saucers and cups displayed on distressed wooden shelves and a mash up of shabby chic furniture I definitely felt I was somewhere other than hackney (well it is a village, not to be mistaken for the high rise council flats of hackney). The coffee was to die for I could definitely taste the espresso base, this had me feeling jittery after a mouthful or two; top marks here. The cake renamed ’24 carrots’ by yours truly was that of gold, hence the name.

So to conclude, if your not dressed as your hipster alter ego and after a lovely cup of coffee and slice of heaven for £5 then this is the place to be.

P.S if you don’t like dogs I suggest you sit outside as a Labrador was also sitting in with me for a cup of coffee :-/

Loafing can be found here: 79 Lauriston Road, Victoria Park, E9 7HJ