The Irony

Now as you all know, Fashion is my thing. Whats in this spring? Slogan Tee’s. Heres mine:


Tuesday Task

Hi, Its now spring, the sunshine’s here. Heres a task for you all; capture and post the sunny weather before its all gone.

Trend alert SS14

So for those of you that don’t already know. Here’s a quick two minute update on spring/summer 14’s trends to nail the look:

MONOCHROME: This season sees the return of monochrome but this time introduces one key piece of pastel pink to break up the black and white contrasts

FLORAL: Catwalks see the return of floral prints. Clash with stripes for a statement effect, one item of each and go plain with the rest of your outfit ( No need to look like where’s wally meets pay butcher)

ORIENTAL: Think light floral meets eastern promise. Bomber jackets and tailored trousers work well with this trend. A nice kimono and light denim ankle grazers also nail this trend

PASTELS: I think this has got to be my favourite this season. Such a feminine look, very calm and refreshing. And how easy is it to put on a lace lilac box top with a pair of tailored topshop trousers? Need I say more.

METALLIC: And Last but not least metallics are back, no not your granny’s favourite multicoloured sequin cardigan. Think futuristic, silver high shine tunics and bomber jackets. I bagged myself a lovely silver metallic skater dress on eBay using my bay trend tips

So why not give it a go and try the Bay Trend to give your dreary winter wardrobe a spring season update. Try it, I did mine for under £100. BARGAIN.

Bay Trend: Top Ten Expert Tips

Hey, so my first post was about the Bay Trend. It’s my way of looking good for 99p. Some of you may be familiar with eBay and others not. So I’ve put together my Top Ten tips to successfully Bay Trend. Hope you enjoy:
1) KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: Failure to do so will result in unnecessary spending by straying to look at other items. This defeats the object of a bargain if you end up buying extras.
2) SET A BUDGET- For everything: My personal budget for any piece of footwear or clothing is £5. That way I am always getting a bargain. If you get caught up in a bidding war without a budget you end up paying way more than intended and this means expense!!
3) DIAMOND IN THE RUFF: Refine your results so that you can find just what you are looking for. If you want a specific skater dress then typing in just that will bring up 1000’s of results. Type the specifics ‘top shop skater dress size 10 black’ and then you can further refine by postage costs, new or used, categories etc. This will narrow the 1000’s down to the better suited.
4) WATCH: When you find what your looking for don’t be tempted to bid straight away, this just ignites a bidding war and the price just keeps on increasing way before the item is due to end. By watching you can go back to the item right before it ends and bid a much lower price than if you triggered the war.
5) PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE: If you can’t find what your looking for straight away don’t feel disheartened. Save the search and you will be regularly updated on newly listed items. It will come eventually. I waited 3 weeks to bag myself a Topshop Tiger print baroque jumper but when I got it appreciated it all the bit more.
6) TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: I mentioned before to watch the item before bidding. When the item finally is near it’s end don’t be too hasty. I usually wait until the last 8-10 seconds to make my bid ( Although I am already prepared to press “bid” from about 40 seconds) make sure you have set your maximum bid, reviewed this and are ready to click to bid in time.
7) GLOBAL: Don’t be dissuaded to bid on international items, they do come. . . Eventually ( postage takes a little longer but this is always stated). From my experience I’ve also found some of the high street store items in international eBay shops, usually china, which means I have been able to buy the exact item or factory second for under £5 brand new.
8) TOMATO, TOMATOE: New, worn once or twice. What’s the difference when vintage is all the new rage anyway? Nothing, apart from the idea of paying an extra £40 in store for it with a paper tag attached. Worn a handful of times is just as good as new if your buying quality. So word of advice is to not go out there searching for primark clothes because they’re bad enough quality BNWT (I used to be a loyal primark customer until tops started falling apart as I removed the tags).
9) GOING, GOING, GONE: Get selling yourself. It’s so easy, simply list the item and once it sells take a stroll to the post office to send the item to the buyer (They pay postage). If your auction starts at 99p it’s free to list too. Whenever I sell something I bid for something else to replace it’s old space in my wardrobe #Swap&Shop
10) VICE-VERSA: Shop out of season, want a pair of Levi shorts for the festivals in summer? Buy these on eBay in winter; these are not in demand in winter so it’s more than likely that there will be much fewer bids on shorts etc meaning Levi’s for less (I reluctantly paid £13 for a pair last summer but only £2.24 for a pair a few weeks ago).
Have a look at my eBay shop here to give the Bay Trend a go 🙂

No customer service for you dear

20140114-115710 pm.jpg

In bed reflecting on my day and it’s headline act was an americano featuring a slice of carrot cake. This all started whilst I was sitting at home with my daughter drinking a cup of instant coffee. I thought “hold on a minute this is far from middle class sweet pea”. So got dressed and left out for my neighbouring cafe loafing.

Now I must say that general customer service skills are the norm in my books especially when a coffee lover is spending £10 in a single transaction on coffee and cake for two. Well, shocked to say the least sums it up. Perhaps it was both my cousin and I’s hipster appearance that repelled a welcoming hello from the barista or maybe it was the weather (either way one of the two left a glum look on her face). Maybe it was our general topic of conversation that had unwanted eyes staring for more than a moment or two?

At least the shop itself gave off a warm rustic welcome. Filled with cute china saucers and cups displayed on distressed wooden shelves and a mash up of shabby chic furniture I definitely felt I was somewhere other than hackney (well it is a village, not to be mistaken for the high rise council flats of hackney). The coffee was to die for I could definitely taste the espresso base, this had me feeling jittery after a mouthful or two; top marks here. The cake renamed ’24 carrots’ by yours truly was that of gold, hence the name.

So to conclude, if your not dressed as your hipster alter ego and after a lovely cup of coffee and slice of heaven for £5 then this is the place to be.

P.S if you don’t like dogs I suggest you sit outside as a Labrador was also sitting in with me for a cup of coffee :-/

Loafing can be found here: 79 Lauriston Road, Victoria Park, E9 7HJ

Emergency Food – Sardine Pasta

Students and fellow mummas, this is just what the doctor ordered; a VERY cheap and quick recipe. Just my style !!


We all have this – the dish that we cook when we’re too tired, too lazy or have lost the will to live. Mine is a sardine pasta that can easily be prepared in 10 minutes.


  • 2 tins of Portuguese style sardines (spicy if you like)
  • 1 clove of garlic, crushed
  • half a small onion, diced
  • spaghetti (I just grab what can fit in my hand, served 2-3)
  • salt and extra virgin olive oil, season to taste

How to:

  1. Boil spaghetti for 7 minutes or until al dente
  2. Meanwhile, drain the sardines. Crush the sardines in a pan and “fry” to for 2 minutes.
  3. Wait for the pasta to cook
  4. Once the pasta is cooked, transfer directly to the pan. Mix with the sardines. If it is too dry add a cup of the pasta water.
  5. Season with salt to taste. Mix.
  6. Serve immediately and drizzle with extra virgin…

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Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I’m a young mother of one with the long lived dream of getting my hands stuck into fashion. Up until now I have been waiting and waiting for an opportunity to arise but it never did. Now although I couldn’t get my ‘foot in the door’ as they say. I’ve taken it upon myself to follow the fashion happenings within the blogosphere and write a blog detailing any and everything I feel is fashion relevant to me.

Blogging is the thing for me rather than a journal because that way I can share my ideas and visions with all of you fellow bloggers out there. Now not only is this blog about fashion but it’s also about looking good for less because as fellow mothers are aware;

if we look after the pennies the pounds will look after themselves

I’ll be covering many topics on my blog. Anything that tickles my fancy. I never have limits so will not limit myself to fashion only. Another thing I love to do is grab a bargain and save money, so much discussed topics will include:





    Money saving and more . .

I would love to connect with Look magazine via blogging as I have been a devout reader since it’s first issue. I think I speak for a lot of women who buy fashion weeklys when I say that Look Magazine inspires the everyday woman to do more to look and feel good.

By the end of 2014 my hopes regarding this blog are simply to be read and shared by others. Maybe help a person or two with some of my hints or tips, stories or any other inspirational messages I put out there into the blogosphere.

High street fashion for under £5

As a young mummy I still love to look scrummy. Before becoming a mum I’d spend about £200 a month on keeping up with the latest fashion and trends. £40 on a pair of shoes and the rest on clothes and accessories. And why? To look high street sassy. Now I can do just that for under £5.

Things that usually sound too good to be true probably are but unless you can’t stomach the thought of wearing something that’s been worn at least once before then this is too good and true!

How do I do it? EBAY is my answer. A few key words here and there followed by my size and there I have it; high street heaven for a low cost price on my iPhone or laptop in a couple of clicks. Now you may think of these items as second hand but what’s more on trend than vintage at the moment? Whether it’s vintage or pre loved, it’s my own new trend; the ‘bay trend’.

Check it out yourself and give it a go. Head over to: