Save until a million- From zero to hero day 3

When I started this whole blog thing I wanted to tell everyone about my bay trend. But also share my tips and advice on how I save money and my mindset behind it all. To be honest I’m not sure if there is a mindset behind it all but I just know that one day I’d like to say I have accomplished my money goal; To save one million pound.

Sounds crazy I know but in my pink bubble I have a vision. A vision of a million. It’s not reality but if I think it into existence it can be. If I can think of one way to make £100 then surely I can think of many more? Well I haven’t so far but guess it just takes time. At the moment I have one way and ten ways to make £100 a month makes £1000 that’s £12000 extra a year and blah blah blah etc. I just need nine more
ways, that’s nine ideas to come up with.

If anyone is actually reading this ludicrous post perhaps leave a comment with an idea. Come on don’t keep it to yourself. I’ll tell you my first way: selling my much loved clothes on eBay.

Join me in my goal. Let’s help each other make a million in reality not in daydreams 🙂


What is The Bay Trend?

I mentioned the Bay Trend in my previous post but what exactly is this? Well not only do I call this a trend but believe this is an art in itself. It’s the art of buying an on trend item for a fraction of the price; pre loved (used/worn) on eBay.

This all started when looking on eBay for a specific dress I saw in river island but couldn’t afford at the time. I tried my luck with eBay and lo and behold, it was there: “Black River Island Bodycon Dress Size 10 Worn Once”. With 2 hours and 4 minutes left on this auction I placed my bid of £2.99. I waited patiently expecting to win the dress after the auction ended but no, someone beat me to it and the auction ended with a winning bid of £6.80. After two weeks of searching and bidding on eBay I finally won my dress for £66 less than what it cost in River Island. I was a happy bunny and that’s the moment eBay stole my heart. I asked myself “Why spend £100’s when I can spend £1’s”. From that moment on I decided, it would be the Bay Trend that was set to style me for the foreseeable future.

So to sum it all up, The Bay Trend is simply seeing a key fashion piece you like in store, online or advertised somewhere else and finding the same piece on eBay for a bargain price.

To read my Top 10 Expert Tips on how to Bay Trend to bag that bargain stay tuned for my next post 🙂