157 days until summer

It is imperative that this post gets out into the blogosphere ASAP.

I’ve spent the last three months listing over the joys of newly found motherhood and not once in that time did I stop to think about getting back into shape. Now there’s less than 5 months before summer 2014 is here and I look like a train wreck.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me find some healthy recipes. I must cut my extra pounds into ounces. I’ll be truly grateful for each idea. My fitness and eating habits are now my priority this month.

P.S: Remember I’m a mother so unfortunately for me everything had to be done speedy Gonzalez style. Gone are the days of hours in the kitchen 😦


High street fashion for under £5

As a young mummy I still love to look scrummy. Before becoming a mum I’d spend about £200 a month on keeping up with the latest fashion and trends. £40 on a pair of shoes and the rest on clothes and accessories. And why? To look high street sassy. Now I can do just that for under £5.

Things that usually sound too good to be true probably are but unless you can’t stomach the thought of wearing something that’s been worn at least once before then this is too good and true!

How do I do it? EBAY is my answer. A few key words here and there followed by my size and there I have it; high street heaven for a low cost price on my iPhone or laptop in a couple of clicks. Now you may think of these items as second hand but what’s more on trend than vintage at the moment? Whether it’s vintage or pre loved, it’s my own new trend; the ‘bay trend’.

Check it out yourself and give it a go. Head over to: