Who I Am and Why I’m Here

I’m a young mother of one with the long lived dream of getting my hands stuck into fashion. Up until now I have been waiting and waiting for an opportunity to arise but it never did. Now although I couldn’t get my ‘foot in the door’ as they say. I’ve taken it upon myself to follow the fashion happenings within the blogosphere and write a blog detailing any and everything I feel is fashion relevant to me.

Blogging is the thing for me rather than a journal because that way I can share my ideas and visions with all of you fellow bloggers out there. Now not only is this blog about fashion but it’s also about looking good for less because as fellow mothers are aware;

if we look after the pennies the pounds will look after themselves

I’ll be covering many topics on my blog. Anything that tickles my fancy. I never have limits so will not limit myself to fashion only. Another thing I love to do is grab a bargain and save money, so much discussed topics will include:





    Money saving and more . .

I would love to connect with Look magazine via blogging as I have been a devout reader since it’s first issue. I think I speak for a lot of women who buy fashion weeklys when I say that Look Magazine inspires the everyday woman to do more to look and feel good.

By the end of 2014 my hopes regarding this blog are simply to be read and shared by others. Maybe help a person or two with some of my hints or tips, stories or any other inspirational messages I put out there into the blogosphere.


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